A Simple Solution to Everything

I propose “Weekday Saving Time”. Once each year, during the first week of May, we skip Tuesday. Then we add an additional Tuesday to the first week of November. This will result in an increase in the number of weekdays available overall, significantly boosting American productivity.

Two Instrumental Limericks


A rakish violist named Vinocour
Once went for a spin in a spinnaker.
  He sailed to Tahiti
  In search of a sweetie
With whom he could make lots of sin occur.


That powerful trumpeter Inouye
Once put a whole bottle of gin away,
  Took a man into bed
  And then tried to give head —
But he just about blew the guy’s skin away.

© David Scott Marley

Question and Answer of the Afternoon

From this month’s Q&A from the Chicago Manual of Style:

Q. I am confused about the capitalization of giclée, which is a type of computer-generated art print. I see it both ways. It isn’t a proper noun or anyone’s name, so I don’t see why anyone would capitalize it. Can you weigh in? It is not in my dictionary.

A. People probably cap giclée for the same reason they cap president, chapter, or impressionism. We don’t know what that reason would be, so we lowercase it.