But I Only Get These Books to Look at the Diagrams

I’m editing a list of variables and their definitions in a book on structural engineering. fpj is defined as “stress in prestressing tendon due to jacking force”.

Later in the chapter, we learn that the tendon may be stressed by means of a jack or by tightening a nut. A gauge is then used to measure the resulting load.

Manga Artist Wanted

Berkeley West Edge Opera is planning a production of a new musical fantasy based on Mozart’s The Magic Flute, currently with the working title of Tamino‚Äôs Magic Flute. We are looking for an artist who is skilled in the visual style of manga and/or anime to work with us.

More information is here (PDF file, 200K). Please feel free to pass it along to any manga artists you may know!

Later: We’ve found our artist and she’s at work now on drawings that will be projected during the show. Some will be scenic backgrounds and others will actually help tell the story. I don’t think I want to say more than that for now.

My Poor Head

I was hit with the fourth bad headache in under a week last night. Ugh ugh ugh ugh. I can’t remember having this many so close together since those awful first months after the surgery over twelve years ago. But apparently there was a thunderstorm in the Bay Area (though not in my part of it) last night, which is the kind of weather that often seems to coincide with my bad headaches. Hopefully things will change for the better soon.


From Greg’s account of Tad’s last day:

Later our friend Carl who I had texted to come to the house quickly told me that — while I was conferring with the nurse in the living room Tad —despite all of the heaving, the nausea, the unbearable pain, the difficulty speaking— looked at him and with gestures and words said: “I (pointing to his chest) am OK (making the OK gesture with his fingers) to die (moving his hand across his adam’s apple). How is Greg?”

I find it hard to put into words quite why that paragraph hits me the way it does, but it captures Tad’s spirit very vividly for me somehow. I can so very easily see Tad doing that, and it makes me choke up and smile at the same time.

Rest in Peace, Tad

My friend Tad died at noon today in the arms of his partner Greg. Blessings on your journey, my friend. Now at long last your suffering is done and you can sleep well and deeply. I’ll miss you, and yet I feel very sure that I haven’t seen the last of you. Your heart was as gentle and unstoppable as an underground spring, and your sweet, loving spirit lives in everyone whose life you touched.