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Times Crossword Club Where I get the Listener crossword each Friday.

The WELL Originally “the Whole Earth ‘Lectronic Link”. One of the first online communities, often mocked nowadays as “the Colonial Williamsburg of the Internet”. I’ve been a member since 1990, and it’s still my favorite place to hang out online.

Biblical studies

Early Christian Writings terrific collection of texts, translations, and information on Christian writings from the first two centuries

gospels.net blog of Andrew Bernhard — hasn’t been active in a while, but lots of interesting posts and links

New Testament Research research on the New Testament by James M. Gibbs, PhD.


Ancient Scripts information about writing systems from prehistory to today

Online Etymology Dictionary an online dictionary of English etymology, compiled and maintained by an enthusiastic amateur — great site, amazingly rich in information

Zhongwen excellent online Chinese dictionary

Math, science & tech

Lessons in Electric Circuits by Tony R. Kuphaldt free online textbook in six volumes on electric circuits, readable and useful — good study worksheets by the same author are here

Lessons in Industrial Instrumentation by Tony R. Kuphaldt free online textbook on physics, chemistry, and electricity — good worksheets for studying are here, too

Vector addition nice online calculator (and good tutorial on vector operations) at the HyperPhysics website at Georgia State University

W3Schools excellent and free online tutorials on HTML, CSS, XML, and lots of other web-building stuff; great for learning and for quick reference

reference list of HTML/XHTML symbol entities
reference list of HTML/XHTML tags

Wolfram MathWorld


Petrucci Music Library wonderful collection of public domain music scores in PDF format; I’ve found a number of old piano-vocal scores for operas there

Puzzles & games

George versus the Listener Crossword one man’s blog about the Listener puzzle

Listen with Others many-authored blog about the Listener puzzle