By Strauss!

(With acknowledgments to Adam Flowers, who wondered what the Gershwin song would have been like had it been about Richard instead of Johann, and with apologies to Ira Gershwin.)

When I want a melody
Making neighbors grouse
Then I want a melody
By Strauss!

It slips! It slides!
It skids on the ice!
Blink and the key’s shifted twice!

First the strings are slithering,
Then a crazy leap!
Now the winds are blithering
Like sheep!

At last! A tune!
Ah no — spoke too soon!
Anything that’s commonplace:
How I love a melody
By Strauss!

© David Scott Marley

Opening Paragraph of the Day

From Topix:

Palo Alto, CA January 16, 2015 – According to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal, wealthy families are increasingly setting up private trust companies to manage their assets, rather than using traditional trust companies. “Private trust companies offer families more flexibility and more control,” said Michael Gilfix, a Palo Alto estate planning attorney with Gilfix & La Poll Associates LLP. Still, Gilfix points out, there can be downsides. Traditionally, people with autism are thought to be loners who do not desire social connection.