Not So “Confused” After All

Despite my starting late in the day and some of the most impossible looking instructions I’ve ever seen, this week’s Listener crossword, “Confused” by Tea Leaves, turned out to be easier than it looks. After seven or eight clues solved, I started figuring out what was going on and finished before midnight. Very nice puzzle with several sweet surprises along the way.

The Manga Flute stuff

The website for the upcoming West Edge Opera premiere of The Manga Flute is here.

There’s a nice bit about the show in Janos Gereben’s “Music News” column in San Francisco Classical Voice for 7 February 2012.

I was interviewed yesterday by Ken Bullock at SFCV for a longer feature that will appear later this week or early next week.

I’ve started a new section on my website for stuff relating to The Manga Flute. So far I’m posted the cast list and my notes for the program.