Please, Guys, Let’s Not Make This All About Payback

It seems to me that I’m hearing and reading a fair amount of grumbling now that the Democratic leadership has announced that they aren’t going to impeach Bush and Cheney. Some are saying they figure or hope that this is a ploy on the part of the Democrats, that they’re hoping that investigations will bring to light enough evidence of corruption and illegal activity that the public mood will change and they can go after impeachment then.

But I actually agree that impeachment shouldn’t be on the Dems’ to-do list now. If investigations bring out clear evidence of impeachable offenses, that’s when to put it on the list. Our first job in this area, though, ought to be just finding out what’s been going on, not deciding beforehand who we’re going to pin it on.

I say that even though I think there’s every reason to figure that investigations will turn up impeachable offenses. We still shouldn’t go in with the mindset that what we are doing are looking for something to nail Bush and Cheney with. We should go in with the attitude that we are looking to find out what’s been going on, and only then will we decide what to do.

I want to know what the administration has been up to whether it leads to impeachment or not. There has beyond any reasonable doubt been lots of illegal activity and we need to bring it to light and see its true extent, where it isn’t as well as where it is, or we can’t correct it.

But if we going in with the attitude that our highest objective is to find something impeachable, we’re just proving that we never really thought Ken Starr was doing anything wrong, we just hated that it was their side doing it to us instead of vice versa.

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