Confessions of an Angry Hustler

Dave pointed me to this interesting interview with the man who outed Ted Haggard.

Are you sure he just wasn’t interested in saving your soul?
Yes, I am certain. We never discussed religion at all.

People who use crystal meth usually end up doing it on a daily basis. So it seems improbable that he only did it with you once a month.
I don’t know. All I can tell you is that once we were a year into the relationship, so to speak, he usually did it every time he saw me.

Do you think he was doing meth before you met him?
You know what’s interesting? He acted stupid when he first got it, like, “How should I do it? What do I do with it?” And I was like, jeesh. I would fall into the trap and show him, like he was this innocent guy who was curious. But you know he is not stupid. That’s the thing, he’s not a stupid man, he just screwed up.

And a bad actor?
Yeah. Definitely.

Funny line on The Daily Show last week to the effect that you know you’re in trouble when you’re ceding the moral high ground to a drug-dealing prostitute …

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