New Site, Same Old Blog

I’ve moved my blog to TextDrive, an ISP in San Francisco, because they’re offering a nice lifetime membership deal — I figure the company and I just both have to stay alive for a little less than two years for me to break even, once I finish the changeover and cancel my other ISPs.

At the same time I’m switching my blogging software from Movable Type to WordPress. I’m not altogether sure why I’m making the change of software — WordPress has a few features that I find very appealing, but on the other hand it does mean learning a new interface and I’m not convinced that the plusses are really outweighing the minuses as much as all that. Maybe I did it just to shake myself and this blog up a bit.

Of course the new software means creating a new set of templates, and of course that means taking some existing template and tweaking it to my liking. I think 98% of the blog templates out there are based on somebody else’s template. Even the template that I’ve tweaked to create this one is based on somebody else’s, I’m reasonably sure — the CSS contains some odd, unnecessary lines that don’t make sense except as the fossilized remains of a still earlier version.

Since I liked the old look just fine, a lot of the tweaking has been a matter of changing the fonts and color scheme and so on in the new template to match the old one, and then adapting the rest so that it seems to me to harmonize. Everything isn’t perfectly the way I want it yet, but it’s good enough for now, and I figure I can keep tweaking as I go.

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