Front page article a week or so ago in the Contra Costa Times about a woman who has lived five years without a car. Hey, for me this August marks 25 years of not owning a car. And I now commute 40 miles each way to and from work five days a week.

So I figure they owe me five front-page articles, at least.

I save so much money and so much trouble in exchange for a little mild inconvenience now and then that, frankly, I can’t imagine why so many people own cars who don’t really need to. They aren’t car buffs who enjoy caring for their cars. They live in the Bay Area which has pretty darned good public transit in spite of the annoyingly frequent problems. They don’t have commutes that would be impossible otherwise, or even very difficult — I know lots of people who drive into San Francisco every day for work when they don’t live all that far from a BART station; I have coworkers who live either near a Caltrain station or a short bus ride away from here, yet drive every day to our offices.

Things have gotten quite a bit easier for us now that we’ve joined City CarShare a few months ago, and we rent a car for a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday once or twice a month now, where before we might rent a car for a weekend only three or four times a year. That’s a great convenience and all the more reason not to bother with actually owning one of the damn things.

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