The Internet Is Not Entertaining Me Enough!

Given the very limited space available on the Internet, I figure that every blog I find boring is taking up space and preventing some blog that I am interested in from existing. And there just isn’t enough interesting material to read on the Internet every day to fill my time.

At least, those seem to be the implicit assumptions behind this otherwise incomprehensible rant.

2 thoughts on “The Internet Is Not Entertaining Me Enough!

  1. David, thanks for the shoutout, even if you find it incomprehensible. That wasn’t my intent with the post. I hope to see more suggestions on the blog about good, solid bloggers in the 50-and-over category who love social media and provide dialogues. If all the post does is create incomprehension, then I have truly failed. Lesson learned.

    • No, it seemed very comprehensible to me. There are new rules now about who should blog, and if a person isn’t savvy about social media and isn’t interested in having a conversation with you, is “too green” or “a little arrogant” or isn’t “relevant” or “humble”, they aren’t “any good” and should “think twice before blogging”. I believe I got all that.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to writing in my blog just for my own amusement.

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