Construction Work

I haven’t posted anything in several weeks. Partly from being busy, but partly because I’m in the process of switching over to WordPress instead of MovableType as the software that drives this blog. I like some of the features WordPress offers, and maybe I’m also ready to change just for the hell of it.

So my blogging time lately has actually been spent lately in fixing up the style sheets and such for the new blog. Rather than write the files from scratch (does anyone write them from scratch?), I downloaded a “skin” that I liked the composition of, and have been revamping it. The new banner looks a lot like the old banner, and the color scheme of the blog is mostly the same, so the changes won’t be terribly striking.

It’s pretty nearly done, or at least I’m nearly satisfied enough with it to start putting it to use soon, maybe this weekend, knowing that I can still continue to tweak the colors and layout as I go. And knowing that however much I tweak, there’s going to be someone using a browser and/or settings that will screw up all my obsessive nitpicking anyway.

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