Ring Out the Old Year

Yesterday was kind of an odd mixed bag of a day to end the year on. In the morning I finished a lyric for The Golden Slipper that I had started several years ago — the middle of that aria is where I was interrupted first to work on The Manga Flute and then on the two versions of The Bat Bites Back (first just the dialogue for the Opera San Jose production of Fledermaus and then adding lyrics to create a full English version for the Lamplighters production). I think the lyric for Golden Slipper will be a hoot — I’m definitely back in the commedia dell’arte mode of writing with this one. But it’s also a bit of a struggle to pick up the threads after so long. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get The Golden Slipper back from “on hold” status to “work in progress” status. Fortunately, I’d made a fairly detailed outline before I was interrupted by the other projects.

(Looking for a brand new, very funny, family-friendly opera to present? This is a new libretto based on the ancient Chinese version of the fairy tale and using the score of Rossini’s Cinderella. It’d make an awesome holiday show for the right company.)

In the afternoon, I read an article about using Facebook better that suggested checking now and then for “other” messages, ones not from FB friends, because FB doesn’t alert you about them. I had not noticed this at all! When I checked, I discovered a message from a fan of my shows from back in May, and a message from a couple weeks ago from an old friend from my college days looking to reconnect after more than 30 years. Yikes! I replied to both, and chatted with the old friend for a bit.

Dave and I rang in the New Year by watching Dumbo and then going to bed about 11:30, where we read for a while longer (I’m nearly done with Karen Armstrong’s The Bible: A Biography, which is terrific and full of interesting history) till we heard fireworks going off outside somewhere.

Happy New Year, and best wishes for a 2015 that beats the tar out of 2014.

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