Spoiler Alert

I’ve been asked by a couple of people what I mean by a direct connection between Azog and the Necromancer. If I’m right, this is a big ol’ spoiler, so I’ll write it in the comment to this entry, and if you don’t want to see it, don’t read the comment.

2 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert

  1. On the one hand, we have a character who at the start of the movie is believed to be long dead, who Thorin in fact says cannot possibly be alive.

    On the other hand, we have a character who is said by the locals — though Saruman pooh-poohs the idea — to be able to raise the dead.

    So. Do we think these two guys know each other or not?

  2. Agree entirely.
    Actually, I find this development of the relationship between Thorin and Azog one of the most interesting things they’ve done.

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