“O Gather Twelve”

I don’t have much time today for working on the Listener puzzle, as I’ve got to finish laying out the libretto for Manga Flute so I have printed copies for sale on Sunday, and then there’s the final dress rehearsal tonight. But I took the puzzle (“O Gather Twelve”) with me on a break from work, and in five minutes had solved one clue and figured out from its answer what the theme of the puzzle is. So it doesn’t look like it’ll be a tough one this week.

That’s good for me, as I may not have much time for it till after the show Sunday, and I try to get my entry in Monday’s mail if I can so it has a decent chance of reaching England by the deadline.

Sunday morning: I started on the puzzle again last night, after I picked up the printed librettos for The Manga Flute, and I’d finished all but 29 Down by bedtime; this morning I saw what I was overlooking and finished it. Now to get ready for the show.

2 thoughts on ““O Gather Twelve”

  1. I also do the Listener. Impressed by your having got the theme from one answer – I have all the answers but no idea what the theme is supposed to be, even after multiple searches!

    • Multiple searches? You may be overthinking it. The instructions say the four-word theme is cryptically represented by the title. If you’ve solved the grid, you have an idea about what at least one of the four words is. Interpreting the title correctly will give you at least one more word. If that doesn’t ring a bell, a Google search on what you do know will bring up the whole phrase.

      In my case, I had heard of the phrase before but couldn’t remember the exact wording. However, Google quickly brought it up. Alternatively, the phrase is in Chambers, if you know where to look. But that’s not how I found it — I only realized that later.

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