A Keep

This weekend’s Listener puzzle, A Keep by Phi, took me till Saturday morning to finish. I found it a challenge the whole way — blank diagram, numerations omitted, misprints in some but not all of the definitions, good grief — but all in all a very satisfying puzzle. The completed grid is a handsome piece of construction.

The clues are mostly nicely done, though one of the definitions seems to me to be oblique to the point of not being a definition at all; the fact that, say, sentimentality can be a definition for cheese doesn’t mean that sentimentality can also be a definition for Camembert. But then, maybe I’m missing something about how the clue works.

The clues are in their normal order, from the first of the acrosses to the last of the downs. The introduction omits to say this, inadvertently I’m sure, but it’s crucial information for solving.

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