Travel Guide

Today’s Listener crossword is “Travel Guide” by Aedites. Some clues contain misprints, others contain extra words that can be grouped and anagrammed into 15 place names. Despite the daunting instructions, I worked at the puzzle for about half an hour over lunch break, and I’ve now solved about half the clues. I haven’t figured out any of the place names yet, but I haven’t tried very hard to, either.

Later: I finished filling in the grid on my commute home, did a Google search for the 15 place names, and had just enough time to place the first few in the grid by the time I reached Dave’s bookstore, where I was meeting him for dinner with a few others. On the ride home after dinner, I placed the rest of the place names in the grid. The last step is to draw a straight line through exactly 13 squares to “trace a significant geographic feature” — it was clear from the place names what the line represented, but at first it looked like there was more than one way to draw the line so that it passed through exactly the right number of squares; however, there’s a nice discovery to be made at the end that tells you which is the right line to draw. So I was done with the puzzle by the end of Friday — something that doesn’t happen often with the Listener.

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