Maybe He Should at Least Get Half Credit for Not Using the Word “Agenda”

So Dave was listening in the next room to somebody interviewing Dan Savage about the “It Gets Better” videos, and this guy actually was clueless enough to ask Mr. Savage whether President Obama’s recent speech “helped you in your campaign” or words much like that. Amazing. I mean, his tone of voice conveyed that he actually thought this was a sympathetic question, that he just took it for granted that there was a campaign behind the videos and thought he was tossing Mr. Savage an easy softball of a question.

Sigh. One more indication — like we needed any more, dear God — that the news biz has gotten to the point where the people who work in it day in and day out can look at even a project as obviously done out of concern for others and devoid of personal gain as the making of these videos and putting them out there for free, and it doesn’t even occur to them that there is not some kind of campaign behind it, some desire to take advantage of the situation for profit or political gain or attention or ego gratification. They’ve gotten so used to doing nothing else in their own line of work, and so used to covering politicians who do nothing else in theirs, that they can’t talk with a commoner without bringing along the same assumption.

To his great credit, Mr. Savage politely deflected the question, saying that it’s not about helping any kind of campaign, but about helping gay teens who are thinking about suicide. Me, I think I might have smiled and replied, “Oh, yes, absolutely. But probably not as much as the suicides themselves have helped you maximize the profits you make from the business of packaging human tragedy as a commodity and turning it into advertising revenue, you smug bloodless vampire you.”

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