Circus Oz

Terry and Mauricio and Dave and I went to Circus Oz at Zellerbach Hall last night, as Dave’s birthday present to Terry. The show is a delight, sassy and crazy and a lot of fun. The performances are more improvisatory than polished, but that’s the point. It’s a small troupe, just eight or nine acrobats, plus a small but terrific live band and a sensational ringmaster/singer, Sarah Ward. Nobody shows off the kind of polished skill you find in, say, a Chinese circus, where an acrobat may devote his or her lives to perfecting one kind of act; here, everybody does several acts, all of them well but none of them the best you’ve ever seen. But it’s still one of the best times I remember having at a circus — it reminded me at times of the spirit of the old Pickle Family Circus.

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