Wet Wet Wet

It’s 2 a.m. and I just finished this week’s Listener puzzle. It seems like a much harder puzzle than the last few weeks’ puzzles have been, even accounting for the fact that I was incredibly tired today and napped most of the afternoon.

I’m too tired to try to explain any of it. For the record, though: I didn’t figure out what the mystery group was till I’d filled in the answers to all but one of the clues. I finally cracked it by way of the seven misprints in the clues; I had only found six of them, but that was enough for me to unscramble the seven-letter word. That led me to a location associated with one of the members of the group, at which point I had the head-slapping moment and everything became clear.

Very clever theme. There are six words you have to discover, and they make up the members of the mystery group; I had made guesses about what two of them might be early on, yet didn’t see what the group was, even though it eventually turned out that both guesses were correct and the group was not unknown to me. Tricky! Lots of theme-related answers in the grid that don’t have clues, so there wasn’t much help from crossing letters in parts of the grid. Lots of clues that made me smile, including 1A, 5A, 24A, 31D, 11D, and 27D.

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