I’m pretty close to finishing this week’s Listener puzzle, called “Refrain”. Each clue, when solved, contributes a letter to a line from a song, followed by its source. I figured out the line after solving only about a quarter of the clues, from having just enough letters to guess what the source was. Googling the source and the one probable word I had of the line gave me the song.

Eight of the crossings “clash”, which is to say the across and down words have different letters and we have to figure out which to put into the grid. I think I know the criterion, but if I’m right about that, one of the clashes I’ve found could be resolved either way and I’ll have to figure it out from the fact given that the eight unused letters spell out a word related to the song.

I got off to a shaky start because the first five crossings I found included three of the eight clashes, which seemed like long odds and I thought something must be wrong. But I looked over my few answers up to that point and they looked right, so I pushed ahead and everything has worked out so far. Now, as I write this, I have two unsolved clues and two undiscovered clashes.

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