I did finish last Friday’s Listener puzzle, called “Hexes”, though it took me longer than usual as I didn’t have much leisure time on the weekend. Fortunately it was relatively easy. Once I’d gotten enough letters from the clues to guess at the first of the names in the set, I thought of the correct set of names just about at once, and that information helped me solve several more clues and complete more of the left half of the grid. Then I had an idea about the names I was looking for in the grid, and that proved to be true, and once I’d found two of the names I knew what the rest of them had to be, and completing them in the grid helped me solve the rest of the puzzle pretty quickly.

Even so, I didn’t finish till Monday, and then I didn’t get my entry into the mail till this morning, so it may not even reach England by next weekend’s deadline.

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