Very frustrating. As of two weeks ago Berkeley Opera was working on a grant proposal to assist in the development and production of my next opera adaptation, The Golden Slipper. I was writing up a description of the work and stuff like that for use in the the application.

One week ago Berkeley Opera got a new artistic director. The former artistic director, Jonathan Khuner, is now just music director, and Mark Streshinsky is the new artistic director. I knew this was in the works, so it’s not a surprise. I only know Mark slightly but he’s a sharp guy.

However, suddenly the grant proposal is not happening and I am told that Berkeley Opera will not do The Golden Slipper, end of story. Huh?

Oh well. I didn’t start writing The Golden Slipper because Berkeley Opera wanted to do it, but because I wanted to write it, and the company’s interest came later. So nothing’s really changed. I’ll keep at it and finish it and if it’s good, it’ll get done somewhere all the same.

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