Anyway, We’re Talking about Jerry Brown Here. And Charisma? In the Same Sentence?

Headline of a front-page article in the Contra Costa Times this morning:

Charming — but effective?
Allure, star power can sway votes, but results mixed on ability to govern

Fifth paragraph:

When voters elect a successor to Schwarzenegger next year, will they mark their ballots for a charismatic figure such as Gavin Newsom or fellow Democrat Jerry Brown? Or, will they opt for one of the accomplished but bland Silicon Valley-ites vying for the GOP nomination: Tom Campbell, Steve Poizner or Meg Whitman?

What is a piece of obvious pro-Republican spin like this doing on the front for crying out loud page? Gavin Newsom and Jerry Brown are not familiar faces because they are charismatic, they are well known because they are governing, and right now. Have been for some time, too.

But a long and successful career of public service like Brown’s is just “charm” and “star power”, and it’s the GOP candidates who haven’t achieved anything like that who are “accomplished”. Sheesh.

1 thought on “Anyway, We’re Talking about Jerry Brown Here. And Charisma? In the Same Sentence?

  1. 1. Wasn’t Schwarzenegger primarily chosen for “charm” and “star power” and stuff like that?
    2. You probably need to close an italic tag somewhere. ;-)
    3. Isn’t Jerry Brown term-limited out, or does not having been in the office for a while reset the clock?

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