Annie Lennox at the Masonic Auditorium

More stuff I’m behind with blogging about: Last Wednesday Dave took me to see Annie Lennox at the Masonic Auditorium.

I had a good time, but it was also frustrating because I didn’t already know the songs, and from the beginning of the concert to the end I could make out only maybe a dozen words in all. I thought it was just me again with my one deaf ear, which makes it hard to tell which direction a sound is coming from and therefore hard to focus on one thing when there are sounds coming from multiple directions, even though I can hear about as well as ever. (For example, it can be very hard to focus on the conversation at my dinner table if there are equally audible conversations going on around me — all those conversations have equal prominence as far as my brain is concerned, which can make following and keeping focused on a conversation in a crowded restaurant a really exhausting job of concentration for me these days.) But Dave said later he had trouble too, so it was apparently a combination of the Masonic’s echoey acoustics and too much amplification for the space.

Other than two Eurhythmics songs that I remembered from my college days, I didn’t know any of the songs, and there was no program given, so I didn’t even know what the titles of the songs were until afterward when Dave showed me the list he’d made during the concert. But that’s my own ignorance at work, I’m sure, and Dave told me later than the program was mostly her most popular songs from earlier albums and only maybe two or three from her most recent.

However, I seemed to be the only person there who didn’t have every one of the songs memorized, as I could see people mouthing the words all around the audience. Folks were dancing in the aisles and generally having a great time.

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