Location, Location, Location

I’ve been having a little problem where my USB modem often stops picking up a connection at my office desk in the afternoon — especially, it seems, on a hot afternoon, or at least the problem has been occurring more often as the weather’s been getting hotter.

But I’ve never had a problem on the train or on BART, as long as I’m not underground, so I’ve been figuring that it’s not lack of coverage, it’s that there’s something about my office building that is interfering with the signal. My cell phone can get a signal indoors just fine, but sometimes my modem can’t.

It occurred to me this afternoon to put a USB cable between the modem and my laptop and run the cable to somewhere I could get a better signal. So I tried it, and all I had to do was open the window slightly and put the modem between the glass and the screen, et voila. Then I moved the modem all the way to one side of the window to keep it out of direct sunlight, and I’ve been connected without a break since.

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