So Sorry, But There Just Aren’t Enough Loaves and Fishes to Go Around

According to the New York Times,

The first openly gay Episcopal bishop will not be invited to a once-a-decade meeting of world Anglican leaders next year, as the fellowship tries to avert a schism over homosexuality. A breakaway conservative U.S. bishop also was snubbed.

New Hampshire Bishop V. Gene Robinson, who lives with his male partner, called the decision Tuesday ”an affront to the entire Episcopal Church.” The other prelate, Bishop Martyn Minns, leads a U.S. parish network formed by Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola to counter the liberal-leaning American denomination on its home turf.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, spiritual leader of the Anglican Communion, said he took the rare step of withholding the two invitations so that the meeting, called the Lambeth Conference, can focus on keeping Anglicans together.

After all, it would be most un-Christian for any of them to eat at the same table with anyone who doesn’t adhere to the same set of rules, right?

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