These Things Happen

Rush Limbaugh on global warming:

Now, I’m just telling you that this picture is a total misrepresentation of the current state of circumstances for polar bears. It’s as though they wandered out on this ice floe, and it broke off, and it’s fading off now toward the equator and the polar bears cannot do anything about it and they’re going to melt and they’re going to die.

Or, if they do jump off they may have to swim hundreds of miles and expend lots of energy because ice is all melting around them. Of course, this picture has all the ingredients of the fraud and the deception. We just went through what we went through with Barbaro. Now we’ve got polar bears, stranded polar bears, animals, essence of innocence, so cute, so lonely, so frightened, so panicked, bellowing out for hope from the nearest human. Meanwhile, the Canadian film crew is just content to let them float off to their deaths for the sake of grabbing the photo to mislead you and your kids, who will no doubt be shown this by a bunch of worthless teachers who are promoting a political agenda.

This whole thing is totally misleading. They’re not even stranded on an ice floe that’s broken apart. They’re just out there just playing around. They’re just out there. You know, just like your cat goes to its litter box. When’s the last time your cat got stranded in its litter box? Just like your pit bull attacks and kills the neighbor’s baby horse, whatever, I mean these things happen. It’s called nature.

Um, yeah. Pit bull kills baby horse. Whatever.

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