Far Leftist Comments, You Might Say

Oh, this is too funny. Tom Delay has a blog now, only it was quickly overrun by hostile comments. So they took down the site, erased the offending comments, and started screening.

So now there are only, um, supportive comments allowed on Mr. Delay’s blog. Here are a few that are up there right now, as of this posting:

You’re absolutely right.
Our children are way too precious to sacrifice for
unproven bogus scientific cures. From conception, babies have a
right to live a long, happy life.

Mohers shouldn’t have the right to kill a baby for her
own personal greedy desires. Those are the actions of an evil
monster, not a mother.

I think that there needs to be more in the way of scientific
studies to show how conscious an unborn baby is.

A lot of liberals could change their mind on the matter

What else can we do to stop abortions, stem cell research and
harvesting of babies for science? Well, here is a great
one: Write letters to your senators, congressmen, and other
representives to the government. We can get the ball rolling if
everyone pitches in.


Bring back NEWT! He was
Unfairly forced out!
Liberals will be the death of this country.
Liars they are.
Some day Delay will be hailed as a hero.
He is being smeared by a liberal.
I believe in you Delay.
The country needs you!


Inredible! There are
Many bloggs out there, but i
Prefer those that consider
Each side of every
Argument. We need more
Champions like yourself
Here on the internet.
Be assured I will
Use this blog as my homepage!
Sure, some may object, but to
Hell with them!

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